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Dalvi Family 

Family Tree - Dalviwadi 

Dalvi Family Tree - updated till May 2008 

 Dalvi Family Tree

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Where these Dalvi's coming from:

King Dalvi of Shingarpur

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 Dalvi rulers of Paramara lineage

Shrimant Jaswantrao Dalvi was the Raja of Palvan Sansthan at time of the Shivaji Maharaj era (1662).He was the best friend of Shirke Raja of Shrungarpure. Pesent day this location come under the Mandangad tahasil in Ratnagiri District. This dalvi family are the migrated from royal Parmara family of Dhar.Most of the family of this lineage have social honor as Khot. Present day Dalvi's of Soveli, Palvani, Nighavani, Dudhere, Dahagao, Kumbale; and Pawar's of Bhamghar, Savri; Ghosalkar's of Ghosale are comes under the Dharpawar kuli, hence being of the same ancestral lineage these families don't marry among themselves. (Verification in progress.)

Our Sringarpur Origin:



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