Shree Vaghajayi Gramdevata Mandir, Terye

Breaking News - What is Happening in Terye?

20 November 2016 - Appointment of Shri Bharat Daulat Dalvi as New Chairman : Shri Bharat Daulat Dalvi has now been appointed as new Chairman of the Temple Trust and taken the handover from Shri Ratnakar Shantaram Dalvi, Ex-Chairman of the Trust. The New Trust Committee has also been elected besides the Manakari to help and co-ordinate the smooth working of the Trust.


10 August 2015 - Reappointment of Mr Sandip Bhuravane as Sarpanch Considering the work / progress / development done by him and his team members in last 5 years, Mr Sandip Bhuravanve has been again appointed as Sarpanch for next 5 years without and opposion. 

6 October 2012 - Visit to Bhagirath Gram Vikas Prathisthan, Kudal Sarpanch (Sundip Bhuravanve), Grampanchayat Samiti Member and Paanloat Samiti Member & Well known Villagers, visited to this place and studied matters related to General Rural Development and Water Issues etc.


28 September 2012 - Mr. Babu Devaji Bait, (Ex-Mankari),Takewade - Was not well for many years due to Paralisis at Takewadi. He left behind his 2 Sons, Daughter in Law and Grand Childrens.

6 March 2012 - 3rd Prize in Panchayat Yuva Krida va Khel Abhiyan Spardha 2010-11 Sundip Bhuravanve, Sarpanch received this award on behald of Gram Panchayat Terye.


15 March 2012 - Yashwantrao Panchayat Raj Award 2012 to Grampanchayat, Terye : All credit goes to Mr Sandip Bhuravane, Sarpanch. The award was also published in Ratnagiri Times. This award is given for Maintaining proper records at Gram Panchatay. 

2 January 2012 - Rashtrapati Award for "Paryavaran Vikas 2011" to Grampanchayat, Terye : Mr Sandip Bhuravane, Sarpanch - Received the Environment Developement Award 2011 from Ratrapati Mrs Pratibha Patil for our Gram Panchayat.




 4 Sept 2011-Babada (Prabhakar Shivram Dalvi, Treasurer) Died - (Age 80 years) - Bababa was not well for last one month and his health was too critical. He died on 3 Sep 2011 at 2.30pm at his home at Terye. He left behind his son (Santosh - Pappu), 4 married daughters and wife. He has many grand sons & grand daughters. It is a big loss to a Temple and Dalviwadi (especially to Sonsakhali Kond) since he was the most senior person with an excellent communication and convincing power.






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